Unit No.8198 Deathless Hadaron


★4>★5>★6>★7 Deathless Hadaron
リーダースキル: Curse of the Immortal
Greatly boosts Atk, Def relative to amount of depleted HP, 80% boost to Atk & probable Def ignoring effect when attacking

エクストラスキル: Soul of the Immortal
Boosts critical damage & increases HP by 50% when Axe of Hadaron is equipped
クリティカル時、与えるダメージがアップ(+75%)し、さらに「Axe of Hadaron」を装備時、HPを50%アップ

ブレイブバースト: Gehenna's Anguish
15 combo Dark attack on all foes, adds Poison, Weak effect to attack

スーパーブレイブバースト: Grave Sacrifice
17 combo powerful Dark attack on single foe, boosts Def, critical hit rate for 3 turns, casts stealth on self for 2 turns, massively boosting own attack, critical hit rate for 2 turns and critical hit damage for 1 turn

アルティメットブレイブバースト: Eternal Pandemonium
19 combo massive Dark attack on all foes, greatly reduces Atk, Def & adds all status ailments to attack for 3 turns & renders self able to withstand a KO attack