Summon Ticket Bundle


Event Period:
September 23, 07:00 PST - October 7, 06:59 PST
9/24(木)00:00 - 10/7(水)23:59

A new batch of promising heroes is about to set foot in Grand Gaia. And we are here to help you prepare for their arrival! The first batch of Sacred Treasure Wielders [Rineth, Quartz and Duran] is coming this September 24, 07:00 PST - and here are amazing bundles for you!

Starting September 23, 07:00 PST until October 7, 06:59 PST, three Summon Ticket Bundles will be available for everyone.

A. Summon Ticket Pack 1
Price: USD 3.99
Gems: 5
Bonus Summon Ticket: 1
Max purchase: 1

B. Summon Ticket Pack 2
Price: USD 16.99
Gems: 24
Bonus Summon Ticket: 3
Max purchase: 1

C. Summon Ticket Pack 3
Price: USD 34.99
Gems: 50
Bonus Summon Ticket: 6
Max purchase: 1

You may get the Bundle Packs through the In-game Shop - Limited Time Bundles or by clicking the icon on top of the game window.
Gems and Ticket will be sent to Present Box upon purchase completion.
Prices will be localized accordingly depending on your market region.
Summon Ticket Packs are available for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.

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