Part Class Item Named Mob
1HS WAR,PAL,RNG,SHD,BRD,ROG Darkened Sword of the Ykesha the ghoul lord
WAR,PAL,RNG,SHD,DRU,BRD,ROG Darkened Runed Falchion ( a froglok crusader )
RNG Darkened Ebony Bladed Sword ( a minotaur patriarch )
2HS WAR,PAL,SHD,BER Darkened Mithril Two-Handed Sword the froglok king
WAR,BER Darkened Executioners Axe ( a ghoul executioner )
SHD The Darkest Reaver ( a ghoul cavalier )
1HB ALL except NEC,WIZ,MAG,ENC,BER Darkened Enameled Black Mace ( a ghoul savant )
1HP ROG Darkened Serrated Bone Dirk ( a ghoul assassin )
1st/2nd BRD + WIS Casters Darkened Mithril Frog Totem ( a froglok herbalist )
1st INT Casters Darkened Tome with Silver Runes ( a froglok tactician )
Head All Darkened Crown of the Froglok Kings the froglok king
Pure Melees/Hybrids Darkened Executioners Hood ( a ghoul executioner )
Plate Classes Darkened Skull-shaped Barbute the ghoul lord
BRD + WIS/INT Casters Darkened Platinum Tiara ( a froglok tactician )
Chest Pure Melees/Hybrids/WIS Casters Darkened Mithril-Runed Tunic ( a froglok crusader )
Plate/Chain Classes Darkened Brigandine Tunic ( a ghoul sentinel )
Legs Pure Melees/Hybrids Darkened Silver-plated Leggings ( a froglok yun priest )
BRD + WIS/INT Casters Darkened Silversilk Leggings the ghoul arch magus
Arms BRD + WIS/INT Casters Darkened Embroidered Black Sleeves ( a ghoul ritualist )
Hands Plate/Chain PureMelees/Hybrids Darkest Mail Gauntlets ( a ghoul sentinel )
Wrist All Darkened Serpentine Bracer ( a reanimated hand )
All Darkened Amethyst Bracelet ( a froglok yun priest )
Neck All Darkened White Gold Necklace ( a froglok noble )
All Darkened Chrysoberyl Talisman ( a minotaur elder )
Waist All Darkened Thick Banded Belt ( a ghoul supplier )
ALL Darkened Flowing Black Silk Sash ( a frenzied ghoul )
INT Casters Darkened Braided Cinch Cord ( a ghoul sage )
Face All Darkened Carved Ivory Mask ( a minotaur elder )
ROG.BRD Darkened Mask of Deception ND ( a ghoul assassin )
Back BRD + WIS Casters Shimmering Darkened Shroud ( a froglok herbalist )
Shoulders Plate Classes Darkened Adamantite Epaulets ( a ghoul cavalier )
BRD + WIS/INT Casters Darkened Gilded Cloth ( a froglok noble )
BRD + WIS/INT Casters Darkened Embroidered Black Cape ( a ghoul ritualist )
Finger(1) ALL Darkened Moonstone Ring ( a frenzied ghoul )
Finger(2) All Darkened Adamantite Band ( a reanimated hand )
Bag All Darkened Burlap Sack ND ( a ghoul supplier )
All Darkened Bag of Sewn Evil-Eye ND ( an evil eye )