Item Pre Progression Type Task NPC Start
Timeshear Purple Octagonal Fragment
Oceangreen Azia Group A Corrupted Arch Priest Apothecary Cadmael Oceangreen Village
Beza Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die
Caze Mini Raid The Bubonian are Coming! Jerom Bertrand
Dena Group Freedom! Raxtor Darkpawm Oceangreen Hills
Ena 1/6 Beat the Blackburrow Boss
Fena × Disrupting the Ritual Elder Mystic Foppye
Geza 2/6 Solo Familiarity is Key Captain Hiran Tillin
Heda Group Stop the Contamination
Timeshear Orange Moon Fragment
Kithicor Azia × 2/4 Group Safe Passage Commander Barvian Bloody Kithicor
Beza Bitter Victuals Firiona Vie
Timeshear Red Hexagonal Fragment
Field of Scale Azia 5/5 Group The Price of Knowledge Jaled`Dar Field of Scale
Beza The Brood of an Emperor
Caze An Impenetrable Shield
Dena Audience with the Warmaster
Ena Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx
Timeshear Green Hexagonal Fragment
Rathe Azia Group Cruel Overseers Trilyaris Toskirakk
Beza Spies, Lies, and Prison Cells
Caze Hiding in Plain Sight
Dena The Crystal Bloom Ulgin Darkhammer Korascian Warrens
Ena 1/6 Murdunk's Last Stand Ylatra the Vassal
Timeshear Blue Moon Fragment
Kuua Azia × 2/11 Group Studying the Portal Yemall the Arcane City of Dranik
Beza Holding the Fort General Vurig the Imposing Old Bloodfields
Timeshear Black Square Fragment
Discord Azia 4/11 Group Kill the Shearspawn Telivar S`Vik Korafax, Home of the Riders
Beza Inside Information
Caze Meeting Adjourned
Dena Mini raid Stardouser