NPC Task Timeshear
A-H (8)
B. H. Crest
Oceangreen Hills
E Guard Sergeant Bronal Cadran A1, C1 Solo Man the Defenses C. Right Field
C. Upper Right Field Plate
A2, C2 No Cure for Death C. Upper Right Field Frame
NE Keep Captain Hiran Tillin A3 Familiarity is Key P. Geza
A4 Group Stop the Contamination P. Heda
A5 A Dread Challenger
Lord Antonius Bayle A6 Raid Stop the Acension
Tabron Caulria E1 Solo Does This Look Infected? Heraldic Keep
C. Keep Wall Frame
E2 Salving Grace C. Keep Frame
E3 Test the Waters C. Keep Tower Frame
Archon Darianna Althus C3 & E4,
C4 & E5
Plague from Above C. Keep Tower Plate
Thinning the Ranks C. Keep Plate
Jeneca Orlofen Follow Your Nose C. Keep Wall Plate
Garvin Windrunner F1 Solo Reduce the Risk C. Left Field
C. Lower Left Field Plate
F2 Names for the Faceless C. Lower Left Field Frame
Seradi Stormcaller G3 Solo The Deathless C. Upper Left Field Plate
N Glade Kerrin the Unkempt Poach the Poachers C. Upper Left Field Frame
G1 Cure the Crud
G2 Stop the Spreading C. Lower Field
C. Lower Field Frame
SW Darkpaw Fripp Darkpaw Solo What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Gnolls? C. Upper Field
C. Left Upper Field Plate
H1 - H3 Send the Message C. Center Upper Field Frame
Bracka Darkpaw Summary Execution C. Right Upper Field Plate
Elder Mystic Foppye Invading the Invaders C. Right Upper Field Frame
Group Disrupting the Ritual P. Fena
Raxtor Darkpaw H4 Freedom! P. Dena
H5 Beat the Blackburrow Boss P. Ena
Oceangreen Village
SW Village Apothecary Cadmael B1 Solo A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight C. Upper Field
C. Left Upper Field Frame
B2 Group A Corrupted Arch Priest P. Azia
B3 Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die P. Beza
Jerom Bertrand B4 Mini Raid The Bubonians Are Coming! P. Caza
A7 & B5 Raid
Queen Malarian
Dan Hearthpride Solo Arms of the Dead C. Right Field
C. Lower Right Field Plate
Yvette Miller Good Seeds C. Lower Right Field Frame
Viktor Snowborn Paint Supplies C. Lower Field
C. Lower Field Plate
Old Blackburrow
Guard Ellery Solo Run to Daylight C. Upper Field
C. Center Upper Field Plate