NPC Task Timeshear
A,B (2)
Blood of the Fallen
Bloody Kithicor
Front Andylis V`Shrei Solo Truth and Consequences Blood of Oblibion
Blood of the Interrogator
D1 Disruptive Influences Blood of the Vindicated
D2 Countermanded Orders Blood of the Deceived
Saleb E1 Solo Take Everything Blood of the Supplied
Jarik K`Ahndar E2 Enemies of the Teir'Dal Blood of the Assassin
E3 Power Play Blood of the Traitor
Headquarters Laarthik V`Shin A1 Solo Destroy the Impostor Blood of the Disguised
Lanys T'Vyl A2 Rain of Ruin
Galeth Veredeth A3 & B4 & C2 Raid
Light Army
Front Supplymaster Kibrek Solo Scourge of Supply Blood of Light
Blood of the Satiated
Diennic Lightheart Shadows of Kithicor Blood of the Informed
Armsmaster Vohlen F1 Solo Acts of Reprisal Blood of the Officer
F2 Sacrifice to Treachery Blood of the Infiltrated
F3 Questionable Loyalties Blood of the Betrayed
Headquarters Lord Tephys B1 Solo Charges of Treason Blood of the Dominated
Firiona Vie B2 Vengeance and Deliverance Blood of the Redeemed
B3 Group Bitter Victuals O. Beza
A3 & B4 & C2 Raid
Commander Barvian C1 Group Safe Passage O. Azia
Warden Avelyn Solo Purging the Corruption Blood of Medicine
Cured Blood
Fields Thanuel Mergon Scouting the Commonlands Scout's Blood
Ruins Banesman Aalthene Acts of Sabotage Saboteur's Blood
Old Commonlands
Cave Parthar Solo Refugee Rescue Redthorn's Blood
Refugee Rescue Dolman's Blood
Refugee Rescue Fenia's Blood
Refugee Rescue Mojax's Blood
Refugee Rescue Opal's Blood