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The Depth of Darkhollow

  • Line/Task(AllakhazamへのLink)の対応表。
The Depths of Darkhollow
68.1 A Rogue's Trust 68.2 Scouting the City 68.3 Building the Disguise 68.4 The Search for Illsuras 68.5 The Rage of Kelliad
69.1 The Lost Notebook 69.2 Cavern Botany 69.3 The Search for Clues 69.4 Rescue Cicero!
70.1 Preemptive Strike 70.2 Praetorian Guard 70.3 The Fall of Illsalin 70.4 Flights of the Seeker 70.5 Into the Shadows
BF1 The Mines BF2 Lost Caverns BF3 The Hive BF4 The Korlach BF5 The Rescue
SD1 Freeing an Elder SD2 The Orb of Subversion SD3 A Plea for Help SD4 Trailing Longshadow SD5 Confronting a Traitor
WG1 The Search for Coral WG2 Learning the Power WG3 Discover the Secret WG4 Taking Control

  • 進捗表 (閲覧制限あり)
    • 68.1~68.5はMaskの取得には不要 。DoD Spellとの共通管理の為に配置。
    • 68~70のラインをクリアでそれぞれSpellをもらえることがある。=> Spell/Skill - DoD Spell/Skill

Slipgear's Errands

  • 特定のPointを踏んでまわるだけのTask:
  • Quest/NPC/Rewqrd
Quest Slipgear's Errands
NPC Cartographer Slipgear
Reward Slipgear's Gem (5Task Clear時)
  • Task一覧
Task Zone
Explore the Depths Corathus Creep
Chart the Undershore Undershore
Explore Stoneroot Falls Stoneroot Falls
Beware the Hive The Hive
Brave the Ruins of Illsalin Ruins of Illsalin