Tier1 Invisible Armor 装備部位/Class/対象Mob 対応表
Part Class Named Mob
Dragonscale Hills Loping Plains
Range Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Drangol Foreman
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Bloodbeak
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster Vampiric Deathknight
WIS Caster/Hybrid Chief Thundragon
Overseer Sickletooth
Neck Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Captain of the Leafguard
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Strawshanks
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster King Mustef
WIS Caster/Hybrid Shadowmane Beastman
Face Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Gillipuzz
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Mad MX
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster Strawshanks
WIS Caster/Hybrid Frenzied Shadowmane
Shoulders Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Delilah Windrider
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid King Mustef
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster Elder Krunggar Whiptail
WIS Caster/Hybrid Shadowmane Totemcaller
Back Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Drangol Overseer
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Elder Krunggar Whiptail
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster Bloodbeak
WIS Caster/Hybrid Shadowmane Champion
Ear Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Click-o-nik
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Debilitated Skeleton
[CLE,PAL,BRD]を除くHybrid/Caster Mad MX
WIS Caster/Hybrid Bloodmoon Battlemaster
Finger(2) Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Minotaur Pit Boss
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Bloodmoon Bloodmender
WIS Caster/Hybrid Fiddle D
Waist Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Nightwalker Assassin
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Bloodmoon Warlock
WIS Caster/Hybrid Tangler Timbleton
Charm Knightを除くMelee/Hybrid Decrepit Skeleton
Plate ClassのMelee/Hybrid Bloodmoon Swiftblade
WIS Caster/Hybrid Ton o`Tin