Tier2 Visible Armor 装備箇所/種類/Named Mob 対応表
Part Armor Named Mob
Plate Chain Leather Silk Bloodmoon Keep Hills of Shade Fortress Mechanotus Gyrospire Beza The Mechamatic Guardian
Head Warped Steel Helm Alloy-Linked Coif Scratched Hide Cowl Glossy Silk Hat Horak Sorrow Steamwork Guardian Model I
Chest Warped Steel Breastplate Alloy-Linked Coat Scratched Hide Tunic Glossy Silk Robe Warden Jaklor The Rot Eldervine the Twisted Coleoptera Assault Sweeper
Legs Warped Steel Greaves Alloy-Linked Leggings Scratched Hide Leggings Glossy Silk Pantaloons Raknos the Fang Cadaverous Bloom Sootmane the Brute Gearlord Memorantis
Arms Warped Steel Vambraces Alloy-Linked Sleeves Scratched Hide Armwraps Glossy Silk Sleeves Hikor the Pitmaster Ancestral Deathguard Ironfoot Mechano Sendaii Dronequeen
Hands Warped Steel Gauntlets Alloy-Linked Gauntlets Scratched Hide Gloves Glossy Silk Gloves Vorash Blinking Spirit Rusty Minotaur Warleader
Feet Warped Steel Boots Alloy-Linked Boots Scratched Hide Boots Glossy Silk Slippers Wulren Venomdrinker Festerclaw Hogswaller 1, Captain Gearmost ,
2, Commander Shockmore
Wrist -Poison Warped Steel Bracer Alloy-Linked Wristguard Scratched Hide Wristguard Glossy Silk Wristband Crawtooth 1, Silius the Gaffe ,
2, Hester Valance
1, Hardbottom, Recycler Union ,
2, Belchforth the Unclean
1, Fuelmaster XXI ,
2, Lerosma
THE Destructorizor XOOX
Wrist -Disease Warping Steel Bracer Alloy-Linked Wristband Scorched Hide Wristguard Glossed Silk Wristband (変換のみ)
Wrist -Chromatic Warped Steely Bracer Glossy Silk Wristwrap