Tier2 Invisible Armor 装備部位/Class/対象Mob 対応表
Part Class Named Mob
Bloodmoon Keep Hills of Shade Fortress Mechanotus Gyrospire Beza The Mechamatic Guardian
2nd All (except BER) Silius the Gaffe
Pure Melee
Hybrid Crawtooth
WIS Caster Lian Swiftstalker
INT Caster
Range All (for Melee) Steamwork Guardian Model I
All (for Caster) Horak
Neck Pure Melee Balkor the Knife
Hybrid Firemarshal Unit IV
WIS Caster Siegemarshal Kenti Tinwhistle
INT Caster Jon E V
Face Pure Melee The Collector
Hybrid Part Sorter Model XV
WIS Caster Kaestille Pureheart
INT Caster Thornheart
Shoulders Pure Melee The Gearmarshal
Hybrid Metal Slime
WIS Caster Groundskeeper Cotongle
INT Caster Grawlthin
Back Pure Melee Steam Engineer LIIV
Hybrid Garden Keeper IXV
WIS Caster Ralfin
INT Caster Engineer Tristos
Ear All (No Effect) Wulren Venomdrinker
All (for Caster) The Rot
All (Cast Type) Hardbottom, Recycler Union
{MAG NEC BST} Fuelmaster XXI
Pure Melee Ebontail
Hybrid Erollisi`s Spite
WIS Caster Firemarshal Unit IV
INT Caster Part Sorter Model XV
Finger(1) All (for Caster) Vorash
Blinking Spirit
Pure Melee Fuzzbert Cogsworth
Hybrid Chamberlain XI
Finger(2) All (for Caster) Ancestral Deathguard
WIS Caster Fuzzbert Cogsworth
INT Caster Bablage, Master Lifter
Waist Pure Melee Chief Machinist Bildarol
Hybrid Balkor the Knife
WIS Caster Chamberlain XI
INT Caster Whirlie Fizzlebot
Charm All Warden Jaklor
Pure Melee Eternity`s Blaze
Hybrid Hester Valance
WIS Caster THE Destructorizor XOOX