TBS Quests

Skeletal Hand

Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand
Island Task NPC Reward
Jardel's Hook Island The Meek Shall What? Bilgewater Bill Jonas Dagmire's Scaphoid ,
Jonas Dagmire's Lunate ,
Jonas Dagmire's Triquetrum ,
Jonas Dagmire's Pisiform ,
Jonas Dagmire's Trapezium ,
Jonas Dagmire's Trapezoid ,
Jonas Dagmire's Capitate ,
Jonas Dagmire's Hamate ,
Jonas Dagmire's Thumb Metacarpal
Thieves Among Thieves Murderous Mal
Low on Rum
Deliver the Goods
Fire in the Hold Darius Blythe
Old Cutlasses for New
That was the Deal
Just Desserts Scurv-acious Bella Straw
Snake Milk Sid Hacke
=>Dreadbone Reef編もあり
Monkey Rock Scouting Monkey Rock Trophy Hunter Locke Jonas Dagmire's Forefinger Metacarpal ,
Jonas Dagmire's Long Finger Metacarpal ,
Jonas Dagmire's Ring Finger Metacarpal
Monkey Trophies
Jaguar Trophies
Python Trophies
Raptor Trophies
Redfeather Isle Ahoy! Treasures Washed Ashore Johnny the Black Crow Jonas Dagmire's Little Finger Metacarpal ,
Jonas Dagmire's Thumb Proximal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Forefinger Proximal Phalanx
Charting Redfeather Isle
Raptors, Basilisks, and Pumas. Oh My! Rickan
Regrua-Shell Armor
A Red-Plumed Hat
Maiden's Grave Uncovered Treasure Pirate Smythe Jonas Dagmire's Long Finger Proximal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Ring Finger Proximal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Little Finger Proximal Phalanx
Scouting Maiden's Grave Captain Pete
The Lost Crew
Siren Combs Merchant Wain
Siren Hair
Deadbone Reef Deadbone Meats Sid Hacke
=>Jardel's Hook Island編もあり
Jonas Dagmire's Forefinger Middle Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Long Finger Middle Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Ring Finger Middle Phalanx
Small Matters
Rumors of a Flame
Shark Meat
Hidden Riches
Suncrest Ridge Mapping Suncrest Ridge Brynden Snow Jonas Dagmire's Little Finger Middle Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Thumb Distal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Forefinger Distal Phalanx
Steamdrake Potions
The Abandoned Relics
Totem of War and Fire
Investigating the Combine Ruins
Blacksail Folly Recruitment Letters Logan Grimm Jonas Dagmire's Long Finger Distal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Ring Finger Distal Phalanx ,
Jonas Dagmire's Little Finger Distal Phalanx
Pirate Rum
Hair of the Dog
Killing the Rivals
The Makings of a Disguise

Chataya's Staff

Tracking the Missing Notes Solo
The Rest of the Diary
The Shattered Pieces
Jardel's Hidden Cove Group

Efreeti Death Visage

  • Reward/NPC
Reward Efreeti Death Visage
Necのみ Paza's Cursed Remains も追加
NPC Noble Sivrn
  • Task一覧
Task/Quest 概要/ヒント
Names of the Sphinx Piramidの中にいる12匹のShpinxにHail。Optionalは無視。
Atiiki Tongue Twisting 事前にLoot可能なアイテムを渡してから、正しく音節を区切って名前を言う。
Order Squared 15puzzle。
Realign the Lines ハノイの塔(3,4,5)。
Broken Lines 変形ハノイの塔(5)。
Efreeti Death Visage 15puzzle改良版。これのみTaskではない。

Katta's Urn