要対応処理:TODO negative 交渉シートの更新
管理表転記事項 :negative交渉中

※注:paypal の入金メールを転送して以下テンプレ送りましょう

Thank you for your purchase from our store.
We are very sorry about your negative feedback.

We don't sell fake or defective products. We always try to sell best items.
Our checking of the products before shipping is mandatory. However this
time we may have overlooked the problem. Please accept our apologies.

Regarding this issue we would like to refund 【送料+アイテム代】 for the item, including our apologies.
Moreover, sending Request Feedback Revision on eBay which we would gratefully appreciate if you could consider changing your negative feedback.

We run our store in a professional way so we would like to solve this issue
so that both of us are satisfied.

We would always like to provide the best products to our customers.
If there should be anything not clear to you, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

We hope that this issue will be resolved in a fair manner.

Sincerely yours,



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