Special Achievement Event!


Event Period:
October 3, 00:00 PST - October 4, 23:59 PST
10/3(土)17:00 - 10/5(月)16:59

Another busy weekend is coming ahead for all Summoners! Heed the call of The Administration Office as they open special tasks that will give more Merit Points!

Get up to 10000 Merit Points this weekend by completing Special Challenges available during the Special Achievement Event period. To get the Special Challenges:
Head to the Imperial Capital Randall and proceed to the Administration Office.
Tap 'Missions', choose 'Challenges';
Select 'Accept All'. Challenges will show 'In-Progress'.
Complete all the challenges and get more Merit Points that you can trade for Special Spheres at the Exchange Hall.

From Oct 3, 00:00 until Oct 31, 23:59 PST, the following Spheres will be available in the Exchange Hall:
Grudge Bow (25000 Merit Points)
Luna Laguliz (18000 Merit Points)
Hallow Sword (8000 Merit Points)
Devil Shield (8000 Merit Points)
10/3(土)17:00 - 11/1(日)16:59 期間限定で特別なスフィアが交換可能
Grudge Bow(25,000) ※魔怨弓ガルザペリオン
Luna Laguliz(20,000) ※秘宝『ルナ=ラグリス』
Hallow Sword(8,000) ※神斬剣ミスラテス(HP・攻撃+35%)
Devil Shield(8,000) ※魔将盾シルヴェラ(防御・回復+35%)

Assemble your best squad and accomplish the challenges this weekend!